Investing in Personalized Healthcare

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Why Choose GRG?

Genomics Resource Group (GRG) boasts a team of technical, computational and diagnostic experts that can provide a spectrum of assessment to ensure your investments in genomics are most effective.


Meet Genomics Resource Group

Genomics Resource Group is an international consulting partner, founded on the belief that implementing genomics in healthcare is a team approach that bridges new technologies with clinical applications that are personalized. Our goal is to provide an array of expertise that brings value to investment decisions and optimizes technological advances with effective implementation into healthcare.


What We Do

GRG’s mission is to leverage our in-depth expertise to customize a work flow that adds value for our clients. Our offerings include:

  • Evaluating existing and new genomic technologies.

  • Investor services to evaluate commercial opportunities.

  • Legal and regulatory services.

  • Healthcare provider services.

  • Providing a customized Genomics Resource Guide to meet your needs.


"GRG brings together a team of experts that individually have unique skills, and together provide a vision for the future of genomics.”

Brian Van ness, PhD  |  Founder

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Our Team

Led by University of Minnesota professor and respected genetics researcher, Dr. Brian Van Ness, Genomics Resource Group is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our team is comprised of a range of highly respected experts, counselors and researchers in the genetics and biomedical fields.


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